SP-6080 Yarı Otomatik Düz Serigrafi Baskı Makinası

SP-6080 Yarı Otomatik Düz Serigrafi Baskı Makinası
Ürün Kodu: SP-6080

Model: SP-6080

Categories: Flat Bed Screen Printer


Electric Flat-bed Screen Printing Machine
1: Working table size: 600*800mm
2: Max. Print size: 500*700mm
3: Max. Frame size: 800*1100m
4: Max. Substrate thickness: 0-30mm
5: Working table horizontal Micro adjust: +-10mm
6: Over print precision: +_0.03mm
7: Air pressure: 0.5-0.6 (mpa)
8: Air consumption: 35L/min
9: Power rate: 2.5KW
10: Voltage: 380V, 50HZ, 3 Phrases
11: Working capacity:750pcs/hour
12: Machine dimension: 1530*1160*1750mm
13: Net/Gross weight: 700kg/800kg

1: printing transmission is driven by the electric motor, synchronous belt drive, action sensitive, adjustable speed.
2: Machine up and down is driven by the electric motor, frequency control, smooth operation, scraper and scraping blade controlled by cylinder. The substrate thickness is fitting through adjustment.
3: Vacuum working table function as fixture which is fitting for all those thin substrate printing as well.
4: The micro adjusting worktable devices allow of enjoying the high précised overprint and simple easy operation. 
5: Equipped with security devices to make the head printing stop on the upper part position which assuring the operator’s reliable and safe working environment. 
6: The electronic control unit (ECU) is central control by the microcomputer, the operation of complete appliance is simpler and more flexible, easy for maintenance as well.

Application scope:

This machine has been widely used in the printing of membrane switch, Circuit board, thermal transfer, water transfer paper, PCB, LED, SMT, Solder paste, plastic cement, glass, ceramics, keyboards, metal, leather, textile, T-Shirts.

Screen printing objects such as resistor, keyboards, silica gel keypads, paster, sticker, nameplate, panels, Plastic Moldings etc.


Altyapı: Gökhan Keskin-TR